Memorial For Bill Velline
Memorial For Clela McFarland



I was fortunate to meet Bill on several occasions. He was the nicest person as he always made me feel comfortable while backstage talking to the group during intermission. I have talked to many people who knew Bill and I have never heard a word that wasn't totally positive about Bill. He was a super guitar player, great brother and a wonderful person.

Bill & Bobby


The Original Shadows Group

Bobby ~ Jim Stillman ~ Bob Kormun ~ Bill

Virginia Minnesota 1962

One of those garage bands from Fargo 1959


Clela McFarland

January 21, 1920 ~ November 20, 2005

Clela McFarland was Bobby's right arm when it came to corresponding with the legion of fans that he was building up with all the great music he was releasing. That was the first sentence in the history area of this site. Clela knew how to keep fans happy and was able to take care of business quickly. I wrote to her a number of times and finally starting talking to her on the telephone when I could no longer wait the few days it took her to respond to my letters. I really love Clela as she was so nice to me when she sent me so many photographs of Bobby and his family to share with the members of my branch of his fan club. Clela mentioned to me about a surprise she was sending me and I had no idea about what it was. I was so happy when I received the photographs of the wedding between Bobby and Karen. I received photographs before they appeared in the magazines for all of us to read. That was the way she ran the operation for Bobby. Very nice lady. She spent the last few years in a a nursing home in the Ortonville area.

Clela  McFarland - (320) 839-2384 - 1075 Roy St, Ortonville, MN 56278








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